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Mastronardi Produce's Peppe Bonfiglio Talks New Honey Bombs™ and Peppers

TAMPA, FL - Did you know flavor has a sound? It’s much more of a “boom” than a “bang,” especially if you happen to be hanging out with flavor savants Mastronardi Produce® as I was this past Southern Exposure. While there, Peppe Bonfiglio, Vice President of Sales, dove into the focus points for the company as it brings the flavorful Honey Bombs™ to the retailers of North America.

Peppe Bonfiglio, Vice President of Sales, Mastronardi Produce Ltd.“With the success of Sugar Bombs™ and Flavor Bombs®, we are now introducing the golden-sweet Honey Bombs—great flavor like the other bombs, but packs a big crunch,” Peppe shares, telling me that this latest addition helps the already-popular Bomb line get to the next tier of flavorful offerings.

If retailers are concerned about how to get consumers to try the crunch that will bring them back, buying patterns are on Mastronardi’s side, as Peppe shares.

Mastronardi Produce® recently introduced its latest addition to its already-popular Bomb line: the golden-sweet Honey Bombs™

“On-the-vine snacking is the fastest growing segment within snacking tomatoes, so having the Bomb lineup with such a huge impact of flavor really creates more sales for every retailer that carries it,” he assures.

And while honeycombs and bees get us through spring, Peppe comments that the company is already looking to summer and all the grilling that it brings.

Mastronardi Produce® has a variety of innovative products in its portfolio, including summer favorites like Kaboom!™ Black Jalapeño Peppers

The “boom” of flavor continues in innovations like the recently launched Kaboom!™ jalapeño pepper, Aloha™ bell pepper, and Wild Wonders®, all perfect for bringing an extra sizzle to those summer plates and platters.

Want to hear all about it from the man himself? Watch the short video above. And stay tuned for more high-graphic video exclusives from around the produce industry.

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