Matt Hornbuckle Shares What's Coming Next for Allied Potato

Matt Hornbuckle Shares What's Coming Next for Allied Potato

ARVIN, CA - When I was younger, I used to think of Idaho as the origin where all potatoes come from. I now know that isn’t true, but my most recent talk with Matt Hornbuckle, Director of Foodservice Sales for Allied Potato, has enlightened me more in the coveted category, the base foundation of all things mashed, fried, or chipped.

Matt Hornbuckle, Director of Foodservice Sales, Allied Potato“We’re pulling all our storage potatoes out right now, including Pasco, WA; Center, CO; and Quebec, Canada, and the quality is great. Since the end of October, we have been pulling the potatoes from storage in all of our locations,” Matt begins when I inquired where Allied Potato is at currently. “We have a good supply, and we’re on target this year. The market is strong for potatoes right now; it’s a little bit up from last year, so that’s always good.”

Allied Potato may be pulling storage potatoes out, but Matt’s on the ground in Colorado right now, one of many stops in his trek through all the potato farms to ensure quality and supply is up to par for the season.

Allied Potato is gearing up for a strong market this season, showcasing its Chipperbec Potatoes for the East Coast and foodservice customers

“Everything looks good! I have yet to visit Quebec, but the quality is excellent I’ve heard,” elaborated Matt. “We’ve just started our Chipperbec™ Potatoes for the East Coast and in foodservice. So I’ll be stopping in Canada prior to the NY Produce Show to showcase our booth this year, and I’m excited.”

It was at this point that Matt informed me the Chibberbec Potatoes currently being harvest are the same ones used for french fries. These potatoes are also going to be pushed through on the East Coast. It sounds like Allied Potato is using the potato cannon to break into the East Coast market in what’s perhaps the tastiest way possible.

The Chipperbec Potatoes make a great choice for fresh-cut french fries due to its high solids and lower sugar content

“Our Chipperbec label and brand is a well-known West Coast brand, and it’s becoming more popular in the East Coast to foodservice companies looking to make fresh-cut french fries,” continues Matt. “The potatoes have high solids and lower sugar that competes with the Russet.”

Amongst the Chipperbec variety is also the company’s Chipping Potatoes, grown in California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. Stay with us at AndNowUKnow as we cover more happening in the market.

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