Measure to Improve Releases New Core Services for Sustainability Practices

Measure to Improve Releases New Core Services for Sustainability Practices

SALINAS, CA – Navigating sustainability efforts, reducing potential risks, and responding to new requests from retail and distribution partners can be a tricky business in this industry. Measure to Improve, LLC, is looking to offer an ag-focused solution to these issues, and an increase in ROI, with its newly released core services.

Nikki Rodoni, Founder and CEO, Measure to Improve

“The most resilient companies are those that make a long-term commitment and shift towards a culture of sustainability starting at the top,” said Nikki Rodoni, Founder and CEO of Measure to Improve, LLC. “Our customers are helping the environment and surrounding communities, while also reducing costs and risks and increasing business opportunities.” 

According to a press release, Measure to Improve and its team of expert consultants help its customers make significant strides towards sustainability in all areas of their operations. Utilizing sustainability practices can garner companies a competitive advantage to improve bottom lines, and positively impact its employees, customers, and overall environment.

The company’s new core services, cultivated for growers and producers in the fresh produce industry, are as follows:

  • Planting the Seed Index: a practice-based approach to evaluate an agricultural operation that will provide a baseline overview of their current sustainability efforts using Measure to Improve’s twelve Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Air Quality, Crop Protection and & Integrated Pest Management, Economic Viability, Eco Systems & Biodiversity, Energy Management, Fertilizer Management, Food Safety, Green House Gases, Social Accountability, Soil Management & Conservation, Waste Reduction and Materials Management, and Water Management.
  • Harvesting the Data: focuses on collecting, organizing, and analyzing operations Key Performance Indicator Achievements into a customized sustainability dashboard. 
  • Growing the KPI: focuses on building a specific KPI using industry established methodologies, nationally and internationally recognized standards. 
  • Buyer Survey Solutions: assists clients with completing buyer sustainability surveys and self-assessments using organized data collection and industry specific analytical techniques.
  • Value-Added Line: offers a broad portfolio of customized sustainability communication tools. 

These services and tools were developed to better assist companies to navigate the complex and evolving terrain of ag due to new governmental regulations, changing weather patters, shifting consumer demand, and economic uncertainty. 

Butch Corda, General Manager, Ippolito International

“Measure to Improve, LLC has done a superb job of implementing both the owner Ron Mondo’s personal commitment and Ippolito International’s company-wide commitment to sustainability,” said Butch Corda, General Manager, Ippolito International. "Through their assistance, we’re able to simultaneously generate new business, manage risks, and diminish costs in addition to maintaining a strong focus on environmental responsibility. Our company could not be more pleased with the expert guidance Measure to Improve, LLC provides in guiding us to accomplish our sustainability goals.”

These new services are based on national and international standards. Measure to Improve is able to implement these services into companies’ operations incrementally.

What sustainable solutions and forward-thinking practices will Measure to Improve cultivate next? AndNowUKnow will keep you updated.

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