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Melissa's Picks for CPMA 2017

Melissa's Picks for CPMA 2017

TORONTO, ON - When I wasn’t fangirling as my 12-year-old self to well-known Canadian band Barenaked Ladies, I was enjoying new celebrities-in-the-making on the country’s produce stage: the annual CPMA Convention and Tradeshow. Here are some of the stand-outs I saw.

Mucci’s Veggies to Go

Mucci's Veggies to Go

While I may not be the demographic the packaging designers had in mind, my inner child was thrilled with this product. Additionally, the convenience-seeking adult was happy about the ability to eat in the car (never while driving, of course!). I’m thinking other adults and their children, both inner and otherwise, will feel the same.

Mann Packing’s Bacon Maple Delight

Mann Packing's Bacon Maple Delight

I will be the first to admit I’m the woman that orders my bacon separate from my pancakes so as to keep the syrup away. But, the kale, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts mix topped with bacon and maple has recalibrated my thinking. If I can be converted, your shoppers can, too. Who else can’t wait to get their hands on this?

Litehouse Pourables

Litehouse Pourables

Litehouse has expanded on the success of its OPA Greek Yogurt dressings by upping the stakes and bottling them up in a pourable, no-mess vehicle. This sleek, curvy bottle—combined with the dressings that have skyrocketed since their initial launch last year—will likely be a perfect complement to the produce department.

The Smitten™ Apple

The Smitten™ Apple

If you’re a horse-betting kind of buyer, this one has the nice lines you want to see. It’s a cross between crowd favorites Gala, Braeburn, Falstaff, and Fiesta, conceived by the same New Zealand breeder of Envy™ and JAZZ™. The blush catches the eye, but it’s the crunch consumers will likely come back for.

Nichols Farms Pistachios

Nicholas Farms Pistachios

Organic. Roasted. Salted. The first two are descriptions consumers look for on both packages and menus, and the third captures my sodium-obsessed heart. The resealable bag is spoil-proof and klutz-friendly, while pistachios continue to garner fans spanning all generations, from Boomers to Generation Z.

These are just some of the many innovations and inspirational products on the floor. Can't wait to see what you all have to bring to Vancouver for CPMA 2018.

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