Misionero Unveils Latest Product Innovations

Misionero Unveils Latest Product Innovations

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GONZALES, CA - PMA Fresh Summit 2018 is looking to be the best one yet, as more from around our industry announce teasers of what’s to come at the event. Joining the fray of innovations set to launch at this year's show is Misionero. The grower is unveiling new salad kits, bowls, and washed-and-trimmed lettuces at PMA, including its new Sweet Earth Taco Salad Kits, Asian Salad Wraps, and Earth Greens and Garden Life Single Serve Bowls.

Nicole Zapata, Marketing Manager, Misionero“We recognize that today’s shoppers are more mindful than ever about what they eat and are concerned with not only how their food is grown, but also how it is packed and distributed,” said Marketing Manager Nicole Zapata. “That is why we are steadfast in improving our production and sustainability practices to offer convenience products that meet the needs of shoppers looking for healthier and less processed meal options.”

Misionero has a 40-year history of fresh thinking and fresh food and has demonstrated a dedication to innovation by creating kits and bowls with clean flavors and ingredients and by reducing plastic consumption by 20 percent via its lettuce lines. These innovations also demonstrate Misionero's mindfulness of the next generation of consumers and how it can better serve them, according to a press release.

Misionero is unveiling its new Sweet Earth Taco Salad Kits, Asian Salad Wraps, and Earth Greens and Garden Life Single Serve Bowls

“In addition to the release of our new bowls and kits, we are excited to announce that Earth Greens and Garden Life lettuce clamshells now utilized Peel-and-Reseal technology,” Zapata added. “We are also launching extended offerings in these lines like Earth Greens Pure Gems and Pure Butter Lettuce and Garden Life Deli Leaf, which shoppers will love as a quick, convenient, and crunchy addition to not only sandwiches, but also diverse hot and cold meal preparations.”

To see the latest bowls, kits, and extended line of Earth Greens and Garden Life lettuce clamshells, as well as previously launched items like the Earth Greens Organic Simple Salad Kits and Wholesome Salad Kits, stop by booth #1273 on October 19 and 20. For more information on Misionero and its new products, visit misionero.com.


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