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Mission Produce and Hazel Technologies Unveil Exclusive Post-Harvest Technology: AvoLast Powered by Hazel

Mission Produce and Hazel Technologies Unveil Exclusive Post-Harvest Technology: AvoLast Powered by Hazel

OXNARD, CA - Mission Produce, one of the world’s most advanced avocado networks, announced the launch of a premier post-harvest program thanks to a partnership with Hazel Technologies. AvoLast Powered by Hazel® was exclusively developed with Hazel and will minimize operational impact to the supply chain, keeping avocados safe and reducing food waste.

Patrick Cortes, Senior Director of Business Development, Mission Produce“As consumers adapt to new habits and behaviors during this time of uncertainty, AvoLast is the perfect solution to support the longevity of avocados on the shelf or behind the counter. With AvoLast, retailers and foodservice businesses can reduce shrink and continue or enhance their avocado ripening programs without compromising on consumer experience due to overripe fruit,” said Mission Produce’s Senior Director of Business Development Patrick Cortes. “After testing the solution in various environments throughout our supply chain, AvoLast avocados had an extended ripe shelf life of 2–3 days.”

According to the press release, AvoLast is a quarter-sized biodegradable and food-safe packaging insert that blocks ethylene receptors.

Mission Produce and Hazel Technologies recently announced the launch of a premier post-harvest program—AvoLast Powered by Hazel®

By increasing the shelf-life of both hard and ripe Hass avocados, Mission’s retail and foodservice customers can reduce throwaways, in turn increasing profit and minimizing inventory stress, while creating more positive consumer experiences that drive category growth. Above all, AvoLast can also reduce global food waste, an increasing environmental, ethical, and financial threat.

Aidan Mouat, Chief Executive Officer, Hazel Technologies“AvoLast is the rare win/win solution that delivers a better consumer experience and substantial environmental benefits,” said CEO of Hazel Technologies Aidan Mouat. “In the U.S. alone, food distribution waste consumes about 6 percent of our total energy budget, 24 percent of our fresh water, and generates somewhere around 300M metric tons harmful carbon emissions. As the market demands efficiencies to reduce this waste, Hazel’s technology is increasingly vital.”

In all, AvoLast provides many in-demand solutions such as extending shelf-life, improving customer experience, decreasing shrink, and reducing global food waste.

“AvoLast is just one way Mission continues to invest in innovation and provide value to our customers,” added Cortes.

Mission Produce will launch and discuss AvoLast at the virtual PMA Foodservice: Delivered event. To find out more information on AvoLast and its benefits to both retail and foodservice industries, visit the company’s virtual booth or connect with a Mission Produce Sales Representative.

There’s still time to register for PMA Foodservice: Delivered! Act now to learn more from industry leaders and stay up-to-date with more ANUK coverage.

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