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Monterey Mushrooms Awards Academic Scholarships

Monterey Mushrooms Awards Academic Scholarships

WATSONVILLE, CA - When looking to the future of the produce industry, Monterey Mushrooms cultivates from within, providing resources to the children of its employees to further their education. Recently, the company awarded $239,000 in scholarships to 99 children of its employees for the 2019-20 academic year. $22,000 went to recipients in Mexico, and $217,000 went to recipients in the U.S. The awards are eligible for dependent children of full-time employees for scholarships up to $3,000 and for up to four years.

Shah Kazemi, President & CEO, Monterey Mushrooms“We don’t just grow mushrooms—we grow people,” commented Shah Kazemi, President and CEO, adding that Monterey Mushrooms is dedicated to providing the next generation of industry professionals the tools needed to be successful in the workplace and society.

Originally launched in 1992, the program was named the Carl Victor Fields Scholarship Program in 2004 to honor the company’s previous Vice President of Marketing, who was passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential, according to a press release. Since it began, 2,217 grants have been awarded for a total of more than $3 million.

Monterey Mushrooms recently awarded $239,000 in scholarships to 99 children of its employees for the 2019-20 academic year (click for higher res)

“This scholarship helps me get the education I want and need without having to make financial decisions that may limit my goals,” Savannah Barnes, scholarship recipient said.

Ana Mejia, another scholarship recipient, commented, “Receiving this scholarship has boosted my self-confidence because it reduced my stress over the lack of money and has given me the opportunity to focus on a well-rounded college experience.”

“This scholarship will help me pay for school tuition, and help me enjoy and focus on academic studies without pressure about debt,” added scholarship recipient Oliver Ramirez. “I would not be where I am if it was not for my parents and family that supported all my endeavors and interest, so I am truly grateful for them.”

The company awards scholarships to students who pursue higher education degrees at accredited universities, colleges, and vocational/technical schools. Part of the application process requires students to share their educational background, academic goals and aspirations, school activities, work experience, and personal achievements.

“The feedback and thanks we receive from the students and their parents is inspiring and we look forward to watching these young leaders succeed in the future,” Kazemi noted.

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