Monterey Mushrooms Launches Refreshed Labels: Lindsey Roberts Discusses

Monterey Mushrooms Launches Refreshed Labels: Lindsey Roberts Discusses

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WATSONVILLE, CA - With a focus on an appealing aesthetic that makes shopping easier than ever, Monterey Mushrooms® is launching a refreshed look for its labels. The new labels are making their way into stores soon, and to help the company’s goods stand out on the shelf, it has opted for a look that highlights important features with vibrant hues to draw consumers in and promote seasonal dishes.

Lindsey Roberts, Marketing Manager, Monterey Mushrooms“We’re excited to launch a complete redesign on our package labels for all fresh mushroom SKUs. The process provided an opportunity to bring a consistent look and feel to our entire fresh mushroom line,” Marketing Manager Lindsey Roberts shares with me. “The new labels feature fresh, bright colors, a vitamin D icon, and a pre-washed icon where appropriate. For the vitamin D products, there is an easy-to-read nutrition label, too.”

Monterey Mushroom's fresh line of mushrooms

The company carefully considered what consumers want to know most—exactly what is in the product they are taking home with them. To clarify what is offered, while also making the company’s mushrooms stand out on the shelf, Monterey Mushrooms used strategy for its packaging refresh.

“We undertook this process because shoppers want to see fresh produce clearly and understand what is inside the package,” Lindsey expands on the purpose behind this label refresh. “We know mushroom products can be hard to distinguish from each other at a few feet away, so we wanted to make it easier for shoppers to distinguish sliced from whole mushrooms, and brown from white.”

Monterey Mushrooms refreshed labels

The new labels will begin shipping mid-June. To create excitement around the brand's offerings during the labels' launch into stores, the company will provide recipes featuring its mushrooms, which will be highlighted on all of its social media channels and its website.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new label in stores to see how retailers are capitalizing on Monterey Mushrooms’ strategized efforts.

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