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Monterey Mushrooms' Mike O'Brien Talks About The Trend to Blend

MONTEREY, CA – With health and convenience trends converging in the produce aisle, new value-added mushroom products are sure to resonate with time-strapped and health-conscious consumers. I recently had a chance to chat with Mike O’Brien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Monterey Mushrooms to learn how the company is helping its customers capitalize on the opportunity with its latest retail offering—Let’s Blend

Mike O'Brien, VP of Sales and Marketing, Monterey Mushrooms“Everybody knows about the trend The Blend, blending chopped, diced mushrooms with ground beef, ground turkey, ground pork—makes it healthier and tastes better,” Mike explains. “However, sometimes that’s a little difficult because to get the consumer to chop the mushrooms up, to cook them, takes time. And we know convenience is important, so we came up with a new product called ‘Let’s Blend.’”

The pre-diced, pre-seasoned Let’s Blend line offers consumers three different varieties of ready-to-go fresh mushrooms—in a convenient, high-graphic pouched package.

Monterey Mushrooms' new Let's Blend line of diced, seasoned, and processed mushrooms, ready to blend with your choice of ground meat

“We’ve got three flavors,” Mike continues, “Classic—which is the burger, Italian—which is for your meatballs, and Mexican—for tacos. I think the consumer is going to love it, and people will be healthier, and they’ll be eating mushrooms; they’ll be part of their everyday diet.”

For more, watch our video interview above. And stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for more on new product offerings in the produce aisle.

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