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Mucci Farms Gets Poppin' at Viva Fresh 2019

SAN ANTONIO, TX - In the world of produce, there’s nothing quite like a fresh cucumber to satisfy your craving for crunch. At this year’s Viva Fresh Expo, there were several crunchy munchies to be found, but one particularly innovative creation caught my eye. I spoke with Mucci Farms’ Director of Sales, Steve Zaccardi, who showcased the grower’s latest pride and joy: the Cutecumber Popper.

Steve Zaccardi, Director of Sales, Mucci Farms“Today we’re showcasing our Cocktail Cutecumber Poppers. It’s great for kids but even adults. It’s a snack-sized cucumber that you can literally pop in your mouth,” Steve explained. “Poppers have a significant crunch, it’s got less water, shelf-life is fantastic, and it pops in your mouth with a nice crunch for a one-bite snack.”

The diminutive cukes come in a one pound clamshell with 12 units per case. Mucci’s marketing team is among the strongest, always ready to help out its retail partners in any way, shape, or form—whether it’s demos or marketing materials, Mucci’s got you covered.

Mucci Farms' Cutecumber Poppers are a snack-sized cucumber that you can literally pop in your mouth

Ever the innovator, Mucci Farms isn’t just resting on its cucumbers, but offers up a plethora of tantalizing produce.

“Besides our Poppers, we have greenhouse-grown strawberries on 36 acres grown in Kingsville, Ontario,” commented Steve. “We also offer a wide assortment of greenhouse items via snacking tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, medley tomatoes, or blended line and mid-size TOV.”

For the rest of this exclusive interview and more cute cukes, check out our video above.

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