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National Mango Board's Jessica Bohlman Discusses Fall Promotions and Merchandising Strategies

National Mango Board's Jessica Bohlman Discusses Fall Promotions and Merchandising Strategies

ORLANDO, FL - Taking an omnichannel approach, the National Mango Board (NMB) will be highlighting mango versatility and nutrition throughout the fall and winter. Targeting both consumers and foodservice operators, the organization is educating shoppers on the year-round availability of mango and the different varieties available, as well as jumpstarting culinary inspiration as restaurant menus are developed heading into the new year.

Jessica Bohlman, Communications Manager, National Mango Board“We aim to inspire both of these audiences to experiment and get creative with mango by exploring new ways to prepare and serve the varieties through unique recipes and fresh, flavorful twists on holiday classics,” explained Jessica Bohlman, Communications Manager. “We’re telling this mango story using several channels—digital, social media, video, blogs—with targeted messaging around key topics. In addition, we are also utilizing collaborations to extend our reach and messaging.”

NMB’s influencer group, Club Mango, has offered up menu inspiration while highlighting each of the members’ unique ties to mango. Secondly, the NMB’s culinary team has provided new, unique ways to use mango for both the consumer and foodservice audience. Chef Sally Camacho, for example, highlighted how to utilize mango as an ingredient in baking—an ideal segment to cover during fall. Additionally, NMB is partnering with a popular parent/mom-focused blog as an additional way to reach its audience.

The National Mango Board is taking an omnichannel approach to highlighting mango versatility and nutrition throughout the fall and winter

Equally important are the partnerships NMB makes with retailers.

“The NMB works with our retail partners to plan a merchandising strategy for whole fruit and for fresh-cut mango to finish out the year,” Jessica said. “The fall is a perfect time to merchandise the fruit adjacent to citrus sets with vibrant displays highlighting mangos’ versatility. Like citrus, mangos can be promoted as a standalone treat or as a fun, trendy way to garnish drinks and dishes. Secondary placement of mangos in unexpected areas like the meat/seafood department also drives impulse sales.”

As each mango variety has its own unique taste profile and texture, especially at different ripeness levels, the category opens up an abundance of options for consumers. Mangos are available year-round, so there is an opportunity to showcase how they can bring new flair to holiday parties or add a burst of new flavor to traditional winter recipes.

The Board is leveraging several key partnerships, as well as social media, video, and blog posts, to extend its reach to more consumers and foodservice operators

“South American mangos continue to inspire and offer a special treat for the holidays. It’s also a great time to highlight Kent mangos, which boast a smooth and mellow flavor,” Jessica told me, diving into the health benefits of mangos. “They are considered a superfruit, which provides a welcome addition to the transition into the new year when consumers are more conscious of diet and wellness. Mangos contain more than 20 vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins C and A, as well as several B vitamins.”

And, as we head into peak cold and flu season, mangos provide high vitamin C, offering 50 percent of the daily intake in each ¾ cup serving.

Looking for creative ways to up produce basket share this holiday season? Search no more, as these insightful mango tools are sure to rake in sales.

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