Natural Delights® Launches New Trade Resources on Its Website; David Baxter Discusses

Natural Delights® Launches New Trade Resources on Its Website; David Baxter Discusses

YUMA, AZ - Transparency has been in high demand across the industry, both from consumers and retailers. As dates become a go-to snack and ingredient for meals, Natural Delights® is aiming to bring the essential information behind the curtain front and center as it launches its new Trade Resources page.

David Baxter, Director of Marketing, Bard Valley Natural Delights®“No one in the Medjool date category is providing the level of insights and retailer tools that we are,” said David Baxter, Director of Marketing for Natural Delights. “We are committed to working with retailer marketing departments to increase consumption of Medjool dates and believe that this new resources page will provide timely and relevant information to do so even more efficiently.”

According to the company’s release, Natural Delights has grown nearly 10 percent in distribution—allegedly the broadest in the category—and has increased weekly sales per store by 21 percent. Due to the brand’s commitment to retail marketing programs, Natural Delights turns product 24 percent faster than the next leading brand, noted the release.

Bringing timely and relevant category and company information to the buy-side, Natural Delights has launched its new Trade Resources page on its website

The new resource page provides easy access to category insights and an expanded library of marketing tools and resources for retailers. Those interested in increasing sales and visibility of their Medjool date program can find these helpful tools on the new Trade Resources page:

  • Category Insights - with downloadable shopper profiles and category data
  • Certifications - with certified partner information and sustainability practices
  • Images and Logos - with hi-res downloadable files for easy access and use
  • Retail Playbooks - featuring downloadable resources aligned with the brand’s marketing activations throughout the year
  • Point of Sale - downloadable POS materials and ordering information
  • Sell Sheets - with important product and shipper details and specs
  • Sales Contacts - with photos, contact information, and regions to easily connect with the right member of the sales team

Some features on the new page include Category Insights, Retail Playbooks, and Point of Sale materials to further increase sales and visibility of Natural Delights’ Medjool date program

“We expect that this portion of our website will continue to expand as retailers share what is helpful and what they’d like to see more of in the future,” added Baxter.

Natural Delights invests in a robust marketing program each year to engage and educate shoppers and incentivize purchase. Now, retailers have access to this information at a moment’s notice thanks to the new Trade Resources page.

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