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NatureFresh™ Farms' Matt Quiring Discusses TOMZ Tomberry® Snacking Line

VANCOUVER, BC - The cuteness of NatureFresh™ Farms' Tomberry tomatoes hasn’t diminished since they launched this past April. If anything, our obsession with them has only grown. Even though they’re credited by the company as “the world’s smallest tomato,” their flavor packs a large punch. Couple flavor with convenience, and you have the perfect on-the-go snack. But what makes these little guys truly stand apart from the crowd?

I talked with Matt Quiring, Key Account Manger, about the innovation behind this teeny-tiny tomato, and what’s in store for the Tomberry line-up.

Matt Quiring, Key Account Manager, NatureFresh™ Farms“[The] snacking category is growing as a whole right now. We’re seeing more of a value-driven approach toward flavor and convenience, so we find that snacking tomatoes are a really big hit going into retail these days,” Matt shares, continuing on to explain how they developed the Tomberry tomato. “We developed the Tomberry tomato through one of our seed partners. We thought that this had great potential in the future because of the uniqueness, size, and flavor.”

NatureFresh™ Farms Tomberry Tomatoes

The uniqueness of these tomatoes also make them a huge hit with kids, who love both the smallness and the sweet flavor. As TOMZ prepares for the summer season, NatureFresh's goal is to ensure that customers get the flavorful product they’ve been looking for, no matter their age.

Hear more about this tomato lineup in our brief video interview above.

NatureFresh™ Farms

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