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Naturipe Farms' Andy Bruno Discusses Avocado Line

NAPLES, FL - The avocado category has become a centerpiece of the produce aisle as demand continues to rise for the green gold. With retailers always on the lookout for ways to improve their programs, we tapped Naturipe Farms’ Andy Bruno, President of the Avocado Division, to get an update from the prominent supplier.

Andy Bruno, President, Avocado Division, Naturipe Farms“We bring [a] year-round supply of avocados. What’s important to the consumer is that they have a great experience, whether they buy it in January, February, March, December, whenever,” Andy began. “And what we can do as Naturipe Farms is provide that consistent quality experience through multiple origins. We have Mexico, California, Colombia, Peru, and Chile fruit; [this] gives us a year-round supply and that makes us relevant for every part of the United States.”

Andy explained that bags have been a helpful tool in promoting avocados throughout Covid. Naturipe sees consistent growth in the bagged category, especially with the ability to utilize smaller or larger fruit.

Naturipe Farms brings a year-round supply of avocados, providing a consistent quality experience through multiple origins

“What Naturipe stands for is being grower-owned and delivering quality fruit, whether its berries, avocados, [or] snacks. We’re trying to be relevant not only to the retailer, but the end user,” Andy relayed. “And we know delivering quality is important; delivering freshness is important, and we stand behind that. That’s what you can count on from us.”

To hear more from Andy, check out our exclusive video at the top of this article. And, as always, stick with us for the industry’s latest.

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