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Naturipe Farm's Jill Overdorf Talks Rebranded Snack Packs and New Value-Added Offerings

SALINAS, CA – With convenient value-added offerings increasingly driving growth in the produce department, stocking on-trend items is key. And Naturipe Farms’s is one company continuing to innovate in this area with a fresh rebrand and new grab-and-go snack packs.

I recently caught up with Jill Overdorf, Director of Business Development for Value Added Fresh, to find out more about the company’s snacking line at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit.

Naturipe Farms fresh rebrand and new grab-and-go snack packs

Jill Overdorf, Director of Business Development for Value Added Fresh, Naturipe“One of the most exciting innovations about this show, that we’re introducing, is our rebranded snack packs,” Jill explains, noting that Naturipe Snacks’ packs are available in a variety of sizes, in single-servings and packs of three. “We’ve created a brand new opportunity for both the singles and the triples. We’re thrilled to be introducing our 5 oz and our 1 ¼ oz in both singles and triples.”

With snack packs in a variety of flavor combinations, Naturipe’s grab-and-go packages offer a number of options for time strapped consumers. And with its 5 oz packs, the company has introduced protein into the mix, including nuts and cheeses for a nutritious all-natural snack that meets consumers’ health demands.

For more, watch my complete interview with Jill above.

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