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New Director of Marketing Misty Ysasi Talks Frontera's Expanding Texas Pepper Program

New Director of Marketing Misty Ysasi Talks Frontera's Expanding Texas Pepper Program

EDINBURG, TX - Frontera Produce has set its sights on its fall Texas chili pepper season, offering its customers increased volumes for jalapeños, serranos, Anaheim, and Fresno peppers fresh from the Rio Grande Valley. I spoke with the company’s new Director of Marketing and Communications Misty Ysasi to learn all the details behind this exciting 65 percent increase in Frontera’s local pepper program.

Misty Ysasi, Director of Marketing and Communications, Frontera Produce“We’re looking forward to the start of our local pepper season and are happy to be able to provide our customers with four different varieties,” Misty tells me as we talk about what we can expect in the coming months. “We have one of the best retail-quality Texas grown chili pepper deals in the state, and as we anticipate to start at the end of October, the weather has been favorable, and we like what we’re seeing out in the fields.”

Misty tells me that Frontera Produce’s has steadily been seeing an increase in demand for its always expanding pepper program. And in order to meet that demand from its loyal customer base, Frontera has made a conscious effort to ramp up its volumes.

“Customer loyalty is definitely the driving force behind our decision to keep growing the local pepper program even further,” Misty explains. “We have been steadily increasing our acreage over the last couple of years, but for 2017, we took it one step further and made a 25 percent increase on just our jalapeño program alone. With all of the support we’ve seen in the retail community for Texas-grown products, we are happy to stand behind our quality and work hard to provide our customers with the best quality at the lowest prices.”

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As part of the company’s year-round pepper program, Misty notes, Frontera’s Texas expansion is, above all else, about serving its customers and, ultimately, consumers looking for high-quality, sustainably-grown chili peppers at the right price point.

“We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to accommodate the customer and their packing needs and are happy to pack sizes for any request,” Misty adds. “We find that when we have the opportunity to tell our story and let our customers know everything we do to provide them with safe, healthy, and socially-responsible products, the response is excellent. We welcome the opportunity to participate in meet grower events and have POS materials available to educate and excite consumers about our different commodities.”

With the local Texas pepper deal just a few weeks away, it looks like Frontera will be hard at work to make sure these expanded volumes will be ripe and ready for its eagerly awaiting customers. To learn more about all the company does, visit www.fronteraproduce.com.

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