New York Apple Sales, Inc. Reports Picture-Perfect Apple Bloom

New York Apple Sales, Inc. Reports Picture-Perfect Apple Bloom

NEW YORK, NY - New York Apple Sales, Inc. (NYAS) reported that the weather throughout New York state has helped generate an above-average apple bloom.  

Kaari Stannard, President, New York Apple Sales, Inc.“Following last year's below-average apple crop and a normal winter, trees this spring responded with healthy and hearty buds that produced a fantastic bloom,” stated Kaari Stannard, President of New York Apple Sales, Inc. “Adding to the tree’s strength, the month of May ended up being a record warm month with many hot sunny days, which created a perfect pollinating season for our apples.”

Many New York apple growers commented on the crop in a press release, and remarked how it has benefited several different apple varieties.

“As of now, we are not seeing any skips or holes in the 2018 crop,” remarked Jeff Crist of Crist Brothers Orchards, NY. “We have a great opportunity with this crop, but as always we are cautiously optimistic, as it is a long time before harvest.”

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Similar comments are coming from growers across the state. Jason Woodworth of Lamont Fruit Farms Waterport, NY is excited about the SweeTango® set. According to Woodworth, the SweeTango® crop is off to a great start, with an excellent return on bud and bloom. Rod Farrow of Fish Creek Orchards is very impressed with the KORU® bloom, stating that the new variety’s production continues to increase every year. In Wayne County, Ever Crisp® grower Paul Wafler commented that the bee activity and sunny days gave the company its best Ever Crisp Apple crop thus far. Jay Toohill, of Chazy Orchards, NY added that he is excited about the Honey Crisp crop, due to how difficult of an apple it is to grow. The right amount of bloom and pollination is crucial to the crop’s success.

John Russell, Manager of Lake Ontario Fruit, is also excited about the apple crop, because he can put the company’s new primary packing line into use. He stated that the “state-of-the art packaging equipment” will increase the company’s production. The new line complements a second line that was installed a few years ago, a move that Russel attributes to remaining competitive in the market.

New York apple orchardGrowers are reporting that other new varieties such as Snap Dragon® and Ruby Frost® along with other popular favorites such as Gala, Fuji, Honey Crisp, McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, and Red/Golden Delicious look strong.

More apples offer more opportunities for our growers, packers, and for our customers,” stated John Cushing, VP of Sales at NYAS.

In addition to a strong start to the apple season, New York Apple Sales announced two new staff members to its team. Zach O’Keefe joined the Logistics and Production team in April to assist Mike Messler, and will assist in moving this year’s crop. Chelsea VanAcker joined the team in the field in May, and will work alongside Matt Wells. She will help coordinate food safety, grower audits, and compliance issues both in the orchard and in the packinghouses.

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