Oppy's David Nelley Discusses Organic Jazz, Pacific Rose, and Envy Apple Varieties

VANCOUVER, BC – With customers increasingly demanding consistent quality and quantity regardless of season, year-round supply of burgeoning produce categories can be a boon to any produce department. And with this in mind, Oppy is offering organic varieties of some of the top ten new club apple varieties, and bringing year-round supplies to market with exclusive supplies from New Zealand as well as its Washington-grown offerings.

I spoke with David Nelley, VP of Categories and Global Exports for Oppy, to find out more about organic Jazz, Pacific Rose, and Envy Apple Varieties.

David Nelley, VP of Categories and Global Exports, Oppy“Continuing on from our exclusivity with the organic crop from New Zealand, we’re now offering organics out of Washington,” David explains. “So the quality standard is absolutely consistent. Jazz, Envy, Pacific Rose—although there’s lots of organic club varieties out there, these ones are year-round, from the same brand, with the same consistency.”

With three immensely popular club varieties, “the tip of the spear in terms of new flavors and new varities” as David notes, and a new, high-graphic 2 lb pouch bag for each variety, Oppy has all the tools to drive organic apples sales this season—and throughout the year.

For more, see our brief video interview above. And for the latest in fresh produce news, keep checking in with AndNowUKnow.



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