Organic Growth and Fruit Sizing Allows for Pouch Bag Opportunity at Superfresh Growers®

Organic Growth and Fruit Sizing Allows for Pouch Bag Opportunity at Superfresh Growers®

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YAKIMA, WA – With its 2017 apple and pear season fast approaching, Superfresh Growers® is primed to meet demand and provide both bulk and bagged promotional opportunities. The company has made plans to double the size of its organic crop in several varieties, creating ample promotional opportunities for Superfresh Organic pouch bags.

Mike Preacher, Director of Marketing, Domex Superfresh Growers“Fruit will be down a size, but very clean,” said Mike Preacher, Director of Marketing, in a press release noting that cool temperatures during spring bloom slowed cell division, resulting in smaller fruit for both apples and pears. “This presents a great opportunity to promote bags, which contributed 12 percent growth in pear category dollars last year, despite an overall decline in the pear category. IRI Fresh Look data also shows us that apple bags drove 83 percent of apples sales dollar growth last year.”

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The company noted in its press release, that it is expecting a normal sized crop, with fruit one size smaller than those grown last year, allowing the company to continue expanding its organic and conventional pouch bag line up. Pouch bags are a key driver of sales and growth in both the organic and conventional pear and apple category, and Superfresh pouch bags are self-merchandising, easy for retailers to use, and stand upright, calling attention to themselves with useful product information and attractive graphics.

Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communications Manager, Domex Superfresh Growers“The bags came into market earlier to this year, and we have received excellent feedback,” noted Catherine Gipe-Stewart, Communication Manager. “At Organic Produce Summit in July, the retailer feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Organic pouch bags ensure the correct ring each time, and are filling a retailer need to ensure organic growth is registered at purchasing level.”

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And the company reports excellent customer feedback for its convenient grab-and-go bags.

“Busy moms often write and call in, naming how small sized fruit in pouch bags is ideal for after school snacks and Saturday soccer breaks,” added Gipe-Stewart.

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