Plenty Opens Advanced Indoor Vertical Farm in Compton; Arama Kukutai and Karen Ross Detail

Plenty Opens Advanced Indoor Vertical Farm in Compton; Arama Kukutai and Karen Ross Detail

COMPTON, CA - An advanced new indoor vertical farm is popping up in Compton, California, courtesy of Plenty. The indoor growing expert unveiled its latest expansion, announcing the opening of the technologically advanced Plenty Compton Farm.

Arama Kukutai, Chief Executive Officer, Plenty“After investing nearly a decade into research and development, ​​Plenty has cracked the code on a scalable platform for indoor farming,” said Plenty Chief Executive Officer Arama Kukutai. “With Plenty’s first commercial farm, we’re proving that our uniquely vertical indoor farms can deliver a reliable, year-round supply of fresh produce with positive unit economics. This is the first step in putting indoor-grown produce on a path to becoming a meaningful part of the global food supply, and we’re honored to be taking that step in our home state of California with the community of Compton.”

Designed to grow up to 4.5 million pounds of leafy greens annually, the Plenty Compton Farm will initially produce four varieties of leafy greens: Baby Arugula, Baby Kale, Crispy Lettuce, and its newest product, Curly Baby Spinach. According to a press release, the farm is the result of more than two years of development in Plenty’s advanced plant science research center; from designing a new filtration system to analyzing nearly 2 billion data inputs from trials, Plenty perfected the spinach growing environment to consistently produce spinach with a distinctly sweet flavor and unique crunch.

Expanding its California footprint, Plenty has announced the opening of the new technologically advanced Plenty Compton Farm

The farm is made possible by dozens of Plenty’s patent assets, as the company’s unique architecture makes indoor farming increasingly efficient, growing more produce in less space and easily automating every step of growing, from planting to harvest.

Karen Ross, Secretary, California Department of Food and Agriculture“California agriculture is at the forefront of efforts to ensure climate-resilient food systems through the adoption of innovative technologies and practices,” said Secretary Karen Ross, California Department of Food and Agriculture. “Plenty’s new indoor vertical farm is an example of those efforts and provides an important additional method to grow fresh produce in urban centers, closer to consumers, reducing the draw on our natural resources.”

As the demand for leafy greens continues to grow, Plenty’s retail footprint will further expand throughout the state of California and beyond this summer.

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