Pure Flavor Pushes Snacking at PMA Fresh Summit

Pure Flavor Pushes Snacking at PMA Fresh Summit

LEAMINGTON, ON - The industry is revving its engine for PMA Fresh Summit, which is just two short weeks away. Thousands of produce professionals will be heading to New Orleans LA, and Pure Flavor® will be turning out for the event with an interactive display for both the show. Pure Flavor has been ramping up its promotional activities with a focus on everything snacking following the groundbreaking of a new greenhouse in Georgia.

Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice President, Pure Flavor“Our snacking programs are well established in the marketplace with the likes of our Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, Aurora™ Bites Sweet Mini Peppers, and Poco Bites™ Cocktail Cucumbers,” said Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice President.

Pure Flavor’s complete line of snacking items also include 6 different types of snacking tomatoes that are packed in a unique oval clamshell. Customers will be able to view the snacking series which will be on display at booth #1635, as well as on display in the Featured Product Showcase at the trade show.

Ken Paglione, Key Account Manager, Pure Flavor“The Pure Flavor® Mini Munchie Snack Size Veggie program combines healthy snacking ideas in a convenient pack format,” stated Ken Paglione, Key Account Manager.

The Mini Munchie Program is a versatile program that allows for different snacking (tomatoes, mini sweet peppers, cocktail cucumbers) product configurations in snack-sized formats. Studies conducted by Pure Flavor have shown that 4 oz packages are the perfect snack sizes for kids, parents, and senior citizens alike. The Mini Munchie Program will be on display in the Featured Product Showcases, as well as at the Mini Munchie interactive area outside of the convention center.

The Pure Flavor® Mini Munchie Snack Size Veggie Packaging

Pure Flavor will once again be working with Elite Personal Chefs at PMA Fresh Summit to create a variety of appetizers for customers to enjoy at the show. From Cucumber Popsicles and Fire Roasted Mini Peppers to Roasted Eggplant & Crab Dip and others, trade show attendees will enjoy a bevy of flavors at Pure Flavor’s booth #1635.

Sarah Pau, Director of Marketing, Pure Flavor“Our partnership with Elite allows us to create recipes that embody the core characteristics of our vegetables; from sweet to savory, the versatility of our items provides a unique eating experience,” commented Sarah Pau, Director of Marketing.

While PMA has identified the theme of ‘great ideas are always in season’ being the focus of this year’s Fresh Summit in New Orleans, Pure Flavor is planning for years to come with the groundbreaking of the company’s new 75-acre greenhouse project in Peach County, GA.

Jamie Moracci, President, Pure Flavor“In late September, we broke ground in Georgia on our new 75-acre greenhouse project, shovels are in the ground and land levelling has begun,” said Jamie Moracci, President. “We are committed to growing our business throughout North America and as a vertically integrated grower/marketer, this is a major step forward for the Pure Flavor brand.”

Groundbreaking at the new facility in Georgia

The $105 million-dollar investment in Georgia is the biggest single investment the company has made to date. Using the latest in high tech greenhouse technology, Dutch greenhouse builder Havecon was selected to build and manage the project.

Groundbreaking at the new facility in Georgia

The Georgia greenhouse facility will be growing tomatoes and cucumbers under lights to help grow year-round. The number one economic driver in the state of Georgia is agriculture and represents a $75 billion-dollar economic impact.

Gary W. Black, Agriculture Commissioner, Georgia“We are honored that Pure Flavor selected Georgia for their greenhouse vegetable project. Georgia is the #1 state in the U.S. four years running where local food systems flourish. Pure Flavor will play an integral part in the growth of the Georgia Grown branding program in the southeastern United States,stated Gary W. Black, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner. “Agriculture makes life better.”

Completion of the construction part of the project is expected by early Summer 2018; the first picks of Georgia grown greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers will take place in mid-Fall 2018 and will continue throughout the winter that year. To learn more about Pure Flavor, please visit Pure-Flavor.com.

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