Pure Green Farms Unveils New Expansion Plans with Paul J. Mastronardi as Investor; Joe McQuire Comments

Pure Green Farms Unveils New Expansion Plans with Paul J. Mastronardi as Investor; Joe McQuire Comments

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SOUTH BEND, IN - Here in the fresh produce industry, we have seen the greenhouse and hydroponic growing sectors skyrocket, and Pure Green Farms is continuing the upward trend. The Midwest-based hydroponic greenhouse grower recently announced that it will be moving forward with its expansion plans after gaining Paul J. Mastronardi as its newest investor.

Joe McGuire, Chief Executive Officer, Pure Green Farms“We’re proud of the product we have and want to share our greens with a wider base of customers,” said Joe McGuire, Chief Executive Officer of Pure Green Farms. “We appreciate Paul J. Mastronardi’s investment and partnership to be able to help us reach that goal. I very much look forward to seeing what the future holds for the greenhouse.”

Mastronardi chose to invest in Pure Green Farms due to the technology of the greenhouse and its growing system, according to a press release. His advisory board in making this investment includes former COO of Loblaws, Grant Froese; former President/COO of CVS, Charles Conaway; and current CEO of Perennial Brands, Jakob Ripshtein.

Paul J. Mastronardi, Board Member, Pure Green Farms“It’s no secret that the landscape of food supply chains is changing at a dramatic pace,” Mastronardi explained. “We think this new greenhouse model using sustainable growing methods to produce fresh lettuce locally will withstand the test of time and prove to be better from an environmental, efficiency, quality, and safety perspective. We have seen a demand in the supply chain for local produce. At Pure Green Farms, we have 100 percent control from seed to plate and we believe this to be our key advantage.”

The new partnership will elevate Pure Green Farms with a team that has deep knowledge and understanding of the supply chain process.

Pure Green Farms has revealed new expansion plans following the investment of Paul J. Mastronardi in the greenhouse operation

Having experience building vertically integrated businesses, Mastronardi has plans to further strengthen the greenhouse operation. He also plans to use his success in the tomato greenhouse category and greenhouse lettuce business to his strategy for Pure Green Farms.

With this new investment and Mastronardi’s key insights into the industry, how will Pure Green Farms elevate its position in greenhouse sector? AndNowUKnow will bring you the answers.

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