Ray Mastronardi Details Latest Tomato Pack Addition to DelFrescoPure® Portfolio

Ray Mastronardi Details Latest Tomato Pack Addition to DelFrescoPure® Portfolio

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ONTARIO, CANADA - For some of us in the office, we are eagerly counting down until fall hits—myself included. One of the reasons I’m anticipating the changing of the seasons is a new tomato tray from DelFrescoPure®. Ray Mastronardi, Vice President of Sales, gives me the exclusive deets on this luscious offering.

Ray Mastronardi, Vice President of Sales, DelFrescoPure®“At the moment, we are working toward releasing our new three-pack Heirloom tomato tray. This amazing product guarantees consumers get a variety of different Heirloom tomatoes in the same pack,” shares Ray. “If production keeps on schedule, it should be in store this fall!”

In each tray, the grower will pack three tomatoes of different sizes, flavors, and colors, making it an eye-catching group that is fresh and in time for fall displays. When cross-merchandised with products typically purchased together, such as tomatoes and cilantro for salsa or bread and condiments for sandwiches, these packs will move from shelves to baskets.

DelFrescoPure® recently announced a new Heirloom tomato tray with a prospective drop date this fall

With sustainability and convenience as key factors driving purchases in aisles, DelFrescoPure is winning over shoppers’ hearts with its recyclable packaging.

“Our Heirloom product will feature a new packaging that is eco-friendly and easy to use. The tomatoes will be sold in a recyclable cardboard tray with flow wrap,” Ray explains. “We are very excited for consumers to be able to get an assortment of Heirloom tomatoes in one convenient package while also holding true to our sustainability values.”

Keep an eye out for ANUK as we report on the latest offerings hitting the market.


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