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Rick Overholt Discusses CHEP's Partnership with Tanimura & Antle Sustainability and International Solutions

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Working to be an ideal partner has always been an emphasis for CHEP. The company has been providing the best service possible and tailoring solutions to its partner’s needs.

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Rick Overholt, Director of Produce for CHEP, and learn more about the company’s partnerships and the initiates that make CHEP ideal for produce industry ventures.

Rick Overhold, Director of Produce, CHEP“Tanimura & Antle has a keen focus on creating efficiencies, and environmental sustainability is part of their mission,” explains Rick. “CHEP and IFCO collaborated together to create solutions that allowed them to save over 4 million pounds of food waste.”

CHEP offers 100 million pallets and operates 450 service centers across North America

The company also implemented customer storage and international solutions with Melon 1—allowing for a more efficient and sustainable shipping and storage.

“For the produce industry, the initiates that we’re looking to continue to promote would be customer storage, and international seems to be a really good fit for the produce sector,” adds Rick.

To learn more, check out our brief video interview above.


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