Sev-Rend® Debuts New Tray Lidding and Sealing Film; Britnie Hammack Details

Sev-Rend® Debuts New Tray Lidding and Sealing Film; Britnie Hammack Details

COLLINSVILLE, IL - Keeping food fresh while offering essential opportunities in branding, product visibility, and food safety, Sev-Rend® is back with another game-changing packaging innovation, revealing its new tray lidding and sealing film.

Britnie Hammack, Director of Marketing, Sev-Rend®
Britnie Hammack, Director of Marketing, Sev-Rend®

“We are excited to present our newest packaging, now accessible to the fresh produce industry for fresh and ready-to-eat foods,” said Britnie Hammack, Director of Marketing. “Introducing this addition to our existing range broadens our product offerings for current partners and paves the way for new collaborations. Our commitment remains unwavering in delivering premium products and services to the industry.”

Also referred to as top seal film or heat-sealing film, tray sealing film is a plastic packaging material that is versatile and flexible. It is primarily optimized as a way to cover and seal trays containing various food products, including produce, meats, seafood, baked goods, poultry, frozen foods, and more.

Back with its latest innovation, Sev-Rend® is debuting its new tray kidding and sealing film

Key features of Sev-Rend’s new tray sealing film include:

  • High-quality print – up to eight colors
  • High film clarity
  • Barrier and anti-fog technology
  • Matte and glossy PET finishes available
  • Printed film and unprinted film available
  • Micro and macro hole ventilation technology
  • Increased branding surface area
  • Destruct seal, peelable seal, and resealable functionality
  • Quick lead times
  • PCR and Compostable film available

As a press release detailed, the tray lidding film plays a pivotal role in keeping food fresh by offering essential functions like branding, product visibility, tamper-evidence, and resealable technology. Lidding film specifically designed with micro and macro perforations, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) films can extend the shelf-life of fresh and ready-to-eat foods.

Sealing the tray also protects the food products throughout the production, packaging, and distribution processes.

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