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Shannon Leigh Brings Industry and Leadership Insights to New Venture Sleigh Creative

Shannon Leigh Brings Industry and Leadership Insights to New Venture Sleigh Creative

SANTA MONICA, CA - Ours is an industry of vibrant personalities and rich stories, chameleons and trendsetters, movers and shakers. With such a dynamic trade changing the face of food, flavor, and health—it is easy to say that we have some of the best platforms on which to share both vision and insights. One of those individuals stepping into the spotlight this year is professional comedian, keynote speaker, and business consultant, Shannon Leigh—Founder of Sleigh Creative.

Shannon took a beat to chat with me about her new venture, the program underway, and how comedy is not only a great vehicle for thought but also for growth.

“When we live, ‘Leadership as a Lifestyle,’ we gain access to the highest level of power, which is derived, not from title, but from how successfully we lead ourselves,” Shannon tells me. “As we strive to build our leadership capacity across all cultures in our lives, we increase our ability to influence others and effect positive change.”

Shannon Leigh Speaking

Shannon’s background in business management and sales leadership cultivated in the 12 years she spent at C.H. Robinson during her time in fresh produce, combined with her personal story and comedic presentation style, make her uniquely qualified to address and enrich the industry at large. Shannon brings a range of concentrations to her program and keynote presentations, from leadership, personal and professional development, and sales and negotiation, to effective engagement, personal power, and transformation.

“I have always been deeply passionate about connecting with others, whether it be one-on-one or group coaching sessions with employees and clients, selling in the field, presenting to large audiences, or simply making people laugh. Taking a comedic approach with audiences has provided a tremendous vehicle in attaining higher levels of information retention, engagement and overall openness, when dealing with serious subject matter,” she shares. “I am beyond lucky to be able to apply my skills and experience across various organizations and groups, and it has been incredibly inspiring thus far to be a part of others transformation. To be able to work with and inspire people to uncover their true potential, achieve their goals and ultimately, see the results truly is my dream job.”

Shannon Leigh

Sleigh Creative provides services that bring a range of opportunities to her clients, including keynote addresses, comedy performances, motivational speaking, speech writing and career coaching workshops. These traverse many formats and across multiple industries, from seminars, corporate events, and one-on-one and group coaching sessions, as well as industry group forums, like trade conventions and conferences.

With Shannon’s breadth of talent, background, and resources, 2018 looks to be a promising year for new industry opportunities—whether you are taking to the stage or cheering from the audience.

For more information or to connect with Shannon Leigh, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the professional powerhouse, here.

Congratulations Shannon on this amazing new venture, and I am sure to be in one of your audiences soon!

Sleigh Creative

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