SlimCado Marketing Tips from Brooks Tropicals

SlimCado Marketing Tips from Brooks Tropicals

HOMESTEAD, FL - The summer SlimCado avocado harvest is already in full swing over at Brooks Tropicals and so far its shaping up to be a good one. Volume is expected to be a step up over last year and these Florida grown avocados are already available to retailers in promotional volumes.

The SlimCado is valued both for its sweet, almost buttery taste, but also because it's one of the most healthy options out there for avocado-lovers.

“We aim to be innovative here at Brooks Tropical,” Brooks Marketing Director, Mary Ostlund told AndNowUKnow. “We know that being able to offer healthy, fresh options is important to our retailer partners. That's why we grow our SlimCado varieties, all of which have half the fat and a third of the calories of the conventional Hass avocado with that same great avocado taste.”

Mary did share some key marketing tips for SlimCados that retailers will want to pay close attention to.

  1. Keep SlimCado displays located next to traditional Hass avocados. The light green skin of SlimCados provide a nice contrast to Hass avocados and will really help them 'pop' in your produce aisle.

  2. Keep guacamole mix and salsa close by the display. Thoughts of fresh dips and spreads in shopper's minds will keep your sales numbers high.

  3. Remind your customers that SlimCados are versatile. They make a great dip, but they're also a star contributor to any healthy salad.

So what's next for Brooks Tropical? Mary tells us that red papayas are back in volume and looking great. Also, looking to expand Brooks has recently brought in some new fields to make future harvests even bigger and better.

Congrats on a great harvest Brooks!

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