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SunFed Brings Mr. Wappo Cado to PMA Fresh Summit

SunFed Brings Mr. Wappo Cado to PMA Fresh Summit

RIO RICO, AZ - Our industry is set to hit the Sunshine State in less than a month for the 2018 iteration of PMA Fresh Summit Conference and Expo. The show promises to feature the latest innovations from our industry’s best and brightest, and as such, SunFed will be on hand showcasing new programs and product offerings as we head into autumn.

Gretchen Kreidler Austin, Director of Marketing & Business Development, SunFed

“Our avocado program is one of our most recent developments that we’re excited to showcase at PMA Fresh Summit this year,” said Gretchen Kreidler Austin, Director of Marketing and Business Development. With its new program, SunFed is introducing a compelling new brand too, and showgoers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with an exceptionally dapper chartreuse gentle-fruit.

“Our avocado is called Mr. Wappo Cado. Guapo is Spanish for handsome. Our avocado is the richest, most handsome guy in town,” Gretchen laughs. “It’s a little play on words.”

SunFed will showcase its Mr. Wappo Cado at PMA Fresh Summit

The company plans to emphasize the popular crop, recently added—alongside onions and Persian limes—to the SunFed’s growing repertoire of Texas- and Mexico-grown fruit and veggies. And SunFed is bringing its handsome new offering to the beach in more than one way—celebrating the sunny season’s end in Orlando—with the company’s new avocado floaties, complete with removable “seed” beach balls.

“We’re going to have new graphics along with our avocado floaties at the booth,” Gretchen explained. “We recently launched a promotion, and we introduced our new avocado floaty. The avocado itself forms an inner tube with the seed of the avocado being a removable beach ball. We had folks submit their pictures, and the response was fantastic.”

The beginning of the PMA push also coincides with the beginning of the Nogales season, Gretchen notes, and the company is kicking off its cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, Roma tomato production—along with that sought-after Perfect Produce item—watermelon.

The beginning of the PMA push also coincides with the beginning of the Nogales season

“Our seedless watermelon program started last week, and we have loads—literally loads—of high-quality watermelon coming from our grower in Tamaulipas, Mexico,” added Gretchen. “And we have our fun label—with a name tag that reads ‘Hello, I’m Perfect.’ That program will go from September through October.”

And, Gretchen teases, the company is also working on a number of projects with its retail partners—developing a pickling cucumber program, a pouch bag program for jalapeños, and other customized programs.

Visit SunFed at booth #2911 at the the 2018 PMA Fresh Summit Conference & Expo, October 19-20, in Orlando, Florida.


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