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SunFed Debuting New, High-Graphic, Saul Bass Design Inspired Perfect Melons™ Bin; Craig Slate Discusses

SunFed Debuting New, High-Graphic, Saul Bass Design Inspired Perfect Melons™ Bin; Craig Slate Discusses

RIO RICO, AZ and MCALLEN, TX – With the goal of bringing more value to the retailer and making the watermelon category a destination within the fresh produce department, SunFed has introduced a new, high-graphic, uniquely designed, Perfect Melons™ bin. SunFed is currently shipping the category with the heaviest production centered in the spring and summer months from Mexico’s fertile growing regions.

Craig Slate, Vice President of Sales, SunFed“The goal of this new bin is to catch the consumer’s attention and drive more traffic into the produce department, and increase the ring at the register for our retail partners,” Craig Slate, Vice President of Sales, SunFed, said. “Along with the eye-catching concept of the bin, we are offering specialized stickers that say 'Hello, I am perfect,' to further create brand awareness among consumers and liven up the melon category.”

Quality and flavor have been excellent, according to a press release, with promotable volumes to respond to the growing demand of watermelons throughout the summer. The recent launch of the bins in U.S. and Canada, has prompted a host of positive feedback from both consumers and retailers as the program ramps up.

Brett Burdsal, VP of Marketing, SunFed

Brett Burdsal, VP of Marketing, adds, “Our goal is to give more value to the retailer by creating a more exciting watermelon program, while also expanding our category penetration. We do not view our watermelons as simple ‘commodities.’ The care that we put into our crops, and the processes we put into place, have allowed us to offer a more select and quality product.”

Inspired by the work of graphic designer and award winning filmmaker Saul Bass, SunFed’s new Perfect Melons™ bin presents a picnic-themed motif that draws from Bass’ unique style.

“This artwork specifically draws from Bass’ novel Henri’s Walk to Paris which is the story of a young boy who lives in France and decides to pack a lunch and head for Paris,” Burdsal stated. “Since the point-of-view is that of a child, the characters are not represented in full-body illustrations, but rather a waist-to-toe depiction as a child would see. As you can see in these bins, the figures are half represented, which I believe allows the consumers to insert themselves into the story, see what they want to see, while creating their own relationship to the product.”

Check out SunFed’s Perfect Produce® program and new bins at United Fresh 2016 booth #1840 in Chicago, Illinois.


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