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SunFed's Craig Slate Discusses New Facilities, New Onion, Avocado, and Lime Programs

TAMPA, FL - With a new facility in operation and hot new category offerings on their way, the future is looking bright for SunFed.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Craig Slate, President and CEO, to learn more about SunFed’s new expansion and its new products—onions, avocados, and limes.

Craig Slate, President & CEO, SunFed“We moved into a new facility; it’s in Weslaco, Texas. It’s actually both a cold storage and an onion line operation,” explained Craig. “We’re bringing in our onions, avocado, [and] limes. The avocado is a category that continues to grow. The onions complement the other stuff we do, and when you look at our Roma program [and] having avocado, all those things work well together, and then limes—we see tropicals as a place that fits in with what we’re trying to do, as well.”

SunFed watermelon

With an onion program that runs January through March and year-round offerings of avocados and limes, SunFed is hoping to add one-stop-shopping convenience to its many advantages as a supplier.

SunFed limes

“We’re excited to be able to jump into these big categories and be able to take what we do in Mexico with our team and be able to apply it to these items,” added Craig. “Ideally, we’ll continue to be a service-oriented supplier, but we’re looking to bring stuff so customers won’t have to go multiple places to get their product.”

For more, watch our brief interview above.


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