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SunFed's Gretchen Kreidler Austin Discusses Melon Machine and High Graphic Bins

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Last month’s Viva Fresh Expo was full of enough innovations to keep the ANUK team reporting on the Tex-Mex corridor’s ingenuity for quite some time. And SunFed® was no exception. With a new machine that can guarantee the sweetness of this summer’s melons—Gretchen Kreidler Austin said it first!—and high graphic retail bins no grocer will want to miss out on, SunFed is making sure its latest innovations will have the industry singing sweet melon-themed melodies all summer long.

Gretchen Kreidler Austin, Director of Marketing & Business Development, SunFed“At SunFed, we are known for innovation, and this year, we are introducing our sweet melon machine. We can guarantee, at a boutique level introduction program, the sweetness of our melons at SunFed,” Gretchen, Director of Marketing and Business Development, told me on the show floor.

The machine is especially beneficial to retailers, Gretchen noted, as it helps bolster sales and build brand recognition with shoppers.

SunFed's high graphic bins help produce sales and give customers something to recognize when shopping

Another strategy SunFed is implementing to build brand recognition is with bold retail bins that are most definitely what you’re produce aisles are missing.

“We have developed new high graphic bins for the retail floor. These bins are the perfect size for one RPC or a DRC, and one of them fits perfectly inside the bin. And we have high graphics that can be easily changed to fit a store format or a label or a brand or our own brand,” Gretchen explained. “They can really stand out and catch the customer’s attention. They’re good for a new program, a trial program, or even a display contest, because the graphics are so bright, bold, and eye-catching.”

For more details on what SunFed is bringing to the (picnic) table this summer, check out our exclusive video above.


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