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Sunkist Growers Shares Details of California Citrus Season and More; Christina Ward Comments

CLAREMONT, CA - California citrus season is upon us, and Sunkist Growers is more than ready to supply the buy-side with specialty offerings that will have shoppers running back for more. From a recipe platform to interactive activities that inspire kids and adults alike, the citrus cooperative has the means to inspire generations.

We spoke with Christina Ward, Senior Director of Global Marketing, to learn more.

Christina Ward, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Sunkist Growers“This season, we are going to continue to build our recipe platform to allow for shoppers to see different ways to make the most out of their citrus. There are many, many ways to use the whole fruit,” Christina shared.

Given that November 1 marked the start of Sunkist® Navel oranges and the return of California citrus, there are many chances to inspire shoppers.

As Christina noted, targeting the Mandarin shopper goes beyond getting them to the store. It means engaging them, educating them, and inspiring them. With the company’s platform on peelgoodcitrus.com, that goal is easily within reach due to its interactive games, kids’ activities, and more.

Sunkist Growers is getting into the holiday spirit with the start of citrus season, bringing specialty offerings to the buy-side and expanding its recipe platform

“As we look at the nutritional attributes and the flavor profiles and the uniqueness of our specialties, we’re just excited to bring that back into the fold, especially as citrus season is upon us,” Christina concluded.

To hear more from the industry maven herself, watch our video above.

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