Suntreat Looks to Promotable Volumes for Suki Mandarins, with Bold New Look and Sweet Flavor

Suntreat Looks to Promotable Volumes for Suki Mandarins, with Bold New Look and Sweet Flavor

DINUBA, CA - This spring is bringing a treat to pair with the love that is in full bloom. Suntreat is debuting this season’s Suki Mandarins, which is the first time the company’s Suki crop will be available in promotable volumes.

The Sukis, which translates to “love,” are brought to perfection, the company said, with the extra care it puts into its growth, which can be seen in the reaction consumers have when they peel away the flesh and bite into the juicy flavor. This variety in the company’s citrus family is available through May, offering a tasty final bow to this citrus season.

Brett Burdsal, Director of Marketing, Suntreat Citrus“At Suntreat, we put in the extra time and care into making sure that Suki Mandarins are the best tasting and highest quality Golden Nuggets on the market,” said Director of Marketing Brett Burdsal, in a recent press release. “Because we handle Sukis with the gentle care that you would provide for something as delicate as stonefruit, the flavor and shelf-life of the product surpasses anything else you see on the market.”

Ripe Suki Mandarins

Suntreat’s crop was plucked from its trees on March 6th and is shipping to retailers next week. At the start of the harvesting process, Suki Mandarins are positioned in small field totes that protect the fruit, as opposed to large harvest bins that are typically used. The rind gets toughened when the Suki Mandarins are delivered to the packing house when they are cured and held for a few days, ultimately preventing break down.

Suki Mandarins

Suntreat runs its Suki Mandarins through its Sumo Citrus line, where the fresh fruit is hand-packed instead of machine-packed so as to use a softer process on the produce, bringing retailers a better quality item to sell.

Daniel Kass, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Suntreat Citrus“Last year, when we started handling the Sukis differently, we immediately noticed we were yielding a better product with greater taste and a longer shelf-life. How we pick, how we pack—it all leads to a stronger flavor and superior shelf-life, making Suki Mandarins stand out among the crowd,” said Daniel Kass, Vice President of Sales and Business Development.

Suki Mandarins 5lb box

Packaging for Suki Mandarins is taking a note from its sister citrus, Sumo Citrus, with a fresh design consisting of a high graphic and bold colors that reflect the similarities between the two, while staying true to the Suntreat family look. The effect is an eye-catching look that stands out on the shelf. Retailers looking for more signage to draw additional attention to the added citrus need look no further—the company has a 10-inch round sign with details on Suki Mandarins and other retailer information for every fifteenth half-bushel box and 2- and 3-lb bag.

Suki Mandarins mesh bags

“We’re really excited about it to be able to show off the new look for Suki. We think the name is going to ring true, the box is going to pop, and the taste is going to be second only to our Sumo Citrus,” Brett continued. “With the California mandarin season coming to an end, Sukis are the grand finale and last big burst of flavor in the produce department until Summer flavors roll in. Next to Sumos, Sukis are by far the most requested and memorable fruit we grow and a way to finish with a big bang.”

This addition to Suntreat’s citrus lineup carries on in the tradition of the company’s other, more established varieties like Sumos and Zunas, as it delivers innovative craft citrus and excellent flavor from California roots to nationwide plates.


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