Taylor Farms Foodservice's Rodger Arroyo Discusses Automated Harvest and Plant Technology

SALINAS, CA - Our industry faces challenges every day. While some are solvable within minutes, others require innovative solutions implemented by teams over time. With ongoing labor shortages around the country, Taylor Farms Foodservice, which provides foodservice for Taylor Farms, is tackling the issue head on with technology and automation.

Taylor Farms Foodservice combats the shrinking labor force with automated harvesters

I spoke with Rodger Arroyo, Sales Manager, to find out more about the solutions Taylor Farms Foodservice has come up with in order to keep operating full speed ahead.

Rodger Arroyo, Sales Manager, Taylor Farms Foodservice“One of the focuses we are really looking into is the labor issue; the shrinking labor force coming in from not only our plant operations, but also from the field operations,” Rodger told me. “Key ones are: automated harvesters out in the field, and within the plant, we have robotic arms that are actually packaging and place-packing product, as well as palletizing at the end.”

With this tech implemented in the fields and plants, taking part in all sides of operations, Taylor Farms and Taylor Farms Foodservice have been able to keep up with the industry and consumer demands with new investments.

Robotic arms are able to package and palletize product

“We have the ability to invest in our company, and we have five lines that are fully automated. By the end of the year we’ll have nine automated processing lines,” Rodger continued.

To find out more about how Taylor Farms Foodservice is implementing solutions to mitigate labor issues, watch our exclusive video above.

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