Thomas Fresh's Alberta-Grown Potatoes Coming to Stores

Thomas Fresh's Alberta-Grown Potatoes Coming to Stores

CALGARY, ALBERTA - Outside of organic, there is perhaps no bigger buzzword in the produce industry than local. Shoppers adore locally-grown produce, and Canadian-based, grower, shipper, and packer Thomas Fresh is in tune with evolving consumer needs. The company recently launched a new line of exclusively ‘Alberta’-grown potatoes.

Roy Hinchey, CEO, Thomas Fresh Inc.“We have been bringing Canadian potatoes to market for decades, but recently we’ve highlighted an ongoing need for shoppers to buy local on a more centralized level,” said Roy Hinchey, CEO. “Consumers are looking to take the idea of ‘locally sourced’ a step further by directly supporting the provinces they reside in.”

According to a press release, Thomas Fresh’s partner growers work exclusively with the company’s patented potato varieties, which are carefully selected for premium flavor, appearance, and disease prevention. Due to the fact that the company grows both seed and fresh potatoes while it sells to retailers within Alberta allows for an integrated system based on geography. Over time, it noted, a reduction in shipping during various steps along the supply chain will generate a smaller carbon footprint and maximize product lifespan of potatoes.

Thomas Fresh is in tune with evolving consumer needs by launching a new line of exclusively ‘Alberta’-grown potatoes

“Our Thomas Fresh head office is located in Calgary, Alberta, and we have close-knit relationships with our Alberta growers. We know that the marketplace wants local, however quality and availability of product is integral. With our Alberta potatoes, we have united local with premium quality in a great looking product that is readily accessible,” noted Hinchey.

The new line will also sport a look that showcases the history of the Western Canadian province’s heritage, featuring rustic cowboys against a prairie landscape.

Andrea Dubak, Marketing Specialist, Thomas Fresh“The food we eat is so closely integrated with where we live. Our aim, with our unique product appearance, is to remind shoppers that they are feeding their families with Alberta-grown potatoes sourced from local growers,” explains Andrea Dubak, Marketing Specialist. “Potatoes are as ingrained in our heritage as other food staples, such as Alberta beef. Potatoes have been grown in Alberta since the first settlers arrived and were essential in our province’s growth in the foundational years. This vegetable is part of our identity as Albertans and we are honored to highlight this connection.”

The new Alberta potatoes are available in yellow, white, red, and russet potatoes, which come in recyclable, 5-lb and 10-lb bags.

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