Thomas Fresh Unveils New Brand Logo At CPMA Convention

Thomas Fresh Unveils New Brand Logo At CPMA Convention

CALGARY – The CPMA 2016 convention kicked off this week, and Thomas Fresh has a treat in store for attendees by the unveiling of its new brand identity at the show.

Thomas Fresh said that the new brand logo more clearly reflects the company’s relationships between food, business partners, and consumers that it has fostered since the 1950s.

“We have a long tradition of trusting relationships with producers, vendors and retailers, and we wanted a look and feel that better told that story,” said Thomas Fresh CEO, Roy Hinchey, in a press release.

Thomas Fresh’s new imagery was developed in partnership with Tugboat, a Vancouver-based creative agency. “We’re starting with a new logo, color palette and tagline, and have grand plans for our presence and identity to springboard off of it in the coming year,” said Erin Power, Director of Marketing for Thomas Fresh.

Hinchey, who is also the chairman of this year’s CPMA convention, added “Anyone who knows us knows that that’s exactly who we are. When our peers see the new Thomas Fresh logo at the 2016 CPMA show, they’ll immediately recognize us in it.”

Those at the CPMA conference this week can check out Thomas Fresh’s new look at booth 1003.

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