Tive® Partners With Skyhook To Enhance Shipment Tracking

Tive® Partners With Skyhook To Enhance Shipment Tracking

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BOSTON, MA - Tive®, the provider of real-time supply chain visibility insights, has announced another crucial step in its expansion strategy. The company has unveiled a newly formed partnership with Skyhook, an independent Wi-Fi, Cell, and Hybrid location provider, to help Tive monitor the location and condition of loads with location, temperature, shock, light exposre, and humidity data.

Lennon Acosta, Senior Director, Software Engineering, Tive®"The next generation of in-transit visibility is adding more ways to stream meaningful data in real-time, so logistics professionals can actively manage shipments and avoid delays and damage,” said Lennon Acosta, Senior Director, Software Engineering, Tive. "Hyper-accurate location and connectivity is a cornerstone—and Skyhook delivers both. And our Open Visibility Network delivers that data to mutual customers of project44 and FourKites, creating a new industry standard in in-transit visibility.”

Skyhook's Precision Location solution triangulates cellular and WI-FI signals along with GPS to calculate a tracker's location. As Tive announced in a press release, this solution will replace and supplement the company's existing location sources on specific models of Tive shipment trackers, giving Tive customers greater visibility into how their materials move through the supply chain.

Tive has announed its recent partnership with Skyhook in order to optimize supply chain visibility data

Location tracking will help shippers and logistics service providers understand the flow of the supply chain, while also identifying and anticipating potential disruptions. The technology will also allow for the prediction of delivery ETAs while creating opportunities for constant improvements through analytics and optimization.

Craig Waggy, Chief Executive Officer, Skyhook"Skyhook is thrilled to work with Tive to make it easier for businesses to track and monitor their modern supply chain," said Craig Waggy, CEO, Skyhook. "Our unique hybrid approach is a great fit for asset tracking companies looking to understand how their products are moving across the globe."

Tive currently provides real-time in-transit visibility to help eliminate preventable delays and damage and chose Skyhook based on the company's hybrid location approach, ability to provide location positioning in various environments, and low impact on tracker battery life. The Skyhook technology will be implemented across the Tive Data Cloud and Open Visibility Network to ensure load visibility where GPS might fail.

As this new partnership continues to optimize the supply chain efficiency, stick with ANUK as we bring you more updates from around the industry.

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