Tom Bramers and PRO*ACT’s The Source Detail Current Lettuce Market

Tom Bramers and PRO*ACT’s The Source Detail Current Lettuce Market

CALIFORNIA & ARIZONA - What coveted produce sector are we exploring the ins and outs of today? Well, the latest insights bring us a look at the current lettuce market. To get a first-hand look at quality and volume for the category, I recently tapped one of our industry friends.

Tom Bramers, Sales Manager, Church Brothers Farms“Between transition and the cool weather we’re continuing to have in Salinas, the lettuce is small and lightweight, so we’re tracking a little behind on acres,” said Tom Bramers, Sales Manager for Church Brothers Farms, in an exclusive statement to AndNowUKnow. “We’re expecting light supplies for the next couple of weeks, but the good news is that quality is looking great.”

According to PRO*ACT’s The Source for the week of May 3, 2023, Iceberg lettuce is currently seeing steady demand. The Huron, California, growing region is nearly finished with production, and Salinas, California, is carrying through with moderate availability for the week. The Yuma, Arizona, region saw late plantings, but the crop is nearing its end due to warm temperatures in this region. Quality for the crop is looking fair overall, with higher pricing across the category.

Church Brothers Farms is reporting light supplies for the next couple of weeks, noting that quality is looking great

In terms of leaf lettuce, demand is looking steady for Romaine, as well as green and red leaf. Huron is expected to finish this week, and Salinas is currently producing moderate volumes at best. Noting fair quality and higher pricing, PRO*ACT reports that escalated pricing on value-added items continues with all Romaine and leaf items.

The markets for Italian parsley, cilantro, and arugula are still tight, with Salinas product continuing to be behind schedule due to heavy rains during the planting time frame. Overall, the quality is looking fair, with pricing faring higher than usual.

AndNowUKnow will continue to bring you the latest market updates and crop insights, so be on the lookout for our little apple logo.

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