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Triple H Produce's Alicia Garza Discusses Expanding Opportunities with Virtual Reality

Triple H Produce's Alicia Garza Discusses Expanding Opportunities with Virtual Reality

MCALLEN, TX – With sights set on remaining at the forefront of industry opportunities, Triple H Produce has joined the virtual reality realm to give the industry a real-life view of its operations and ever expand the way its customers consider produce.

As Alicia Garza, Marketing Manager at Triple H Produce, recently told me, the company first broached the idea back in February before officially launching its own virtual reality experience at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit.

Alicia Garza, Marketing Manager, Triple H Produce“It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring fields and facilities closer to our customers and potential buyers,” Alicia says of the company’s virtual reality endeavor. “We realized that many of the people we talk to, or that already buy produce from us, have never seen a real tomato or jalapeño plant before. With virtual reality we can change that, and give them firsthand experience in the field in under three minutes, without them ever leaving the room.”

As we've previously reported, the AndNowUKnow team has been on the virtual reality train since the technology first burst into the public sphere a few years ago. Bringing our own kit to shows and presenting new realms that can be explored through its immersive features, we have for some time found that it's undeniable that every buyer and grower in our industry has much to gain from this unique platform.

Triple H's video, viewable above, does exactly that–easily demonstrating how virtual reality's technology can effortlessly launch a viewer from their chair into a deeper and more visual understanding of the company's operations and offered categories. 

Starting with an up close view of one of its associated growers, the video follows Alicia as she brings viewers up close with Berry Veg de Baja Owner Carlos Castañeda and his roma tomato operation in Baja California, Mexico. Carlos and Manuel, a food safety supervisor at the greenhouse, extend a personal feel of both the roma tomatoes being cultivated as well as an up-close view of the high standards which upholds Triple H's consistently high-quality offerings.

PMA attendee traveling to Baja California and McAllen, Texas, during a quick trip to Triple H Produce's booth at PMA Fresh Summit 2016

Virtual reality viewers are then instantly moved miles away to McAllen, TX, where members of the high-tech field trip gain a view of the dedicated team which moves the tomatoes through the supply chain, simultaneously providing a glimpse of a tomato’s journey that is not often seen but now understood.

Throughout the entirety of the experience, Triple H effectively demonstrates how virtual reality merges with our industry not only to propel greater opportunities between each facet of the industry–from grower, to shipper, to buyer–but to create completely new comprehensions, as well.

PMA attendee taking a trip to Triple H Produce's operations during PMA Fresh Summit 2016

 These new considerations presented by produce-centered virtual reality promise a new horizon of possibilities for our industry; for produce companies like Triple H Produce, and retailers alike.

Where will virtual reality take our industry next? AndNowUKnow will keep our finger to the pulse of this unique technology to find out.

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