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Veg-Fresh Farms' Randy Cancellieri Talks This Season's Offerings

CORONA, CA - The summer months are coming and coming fast! With longer days just around the corner, consumers like me are gearing up for adventures, adventures, and more adventures, and Veg-Fresh Farms has just the grab-and-go items to throw in my bag.

I caught up with one of Veg-Fresh Farms’ managing partners, Randy Cancellieri, to get the inside scoop on what the company is returning to grocery shelves this season.

Randy Cancellieri, Managing Partner, Veg-Fresh Farms“We’re highlighting our ready-to-eat Handy Candy Blueberries that are coming out June 1st; these are ready to eat with a 21-day shelf-life on them,” Randy tells me. “And the revamped version of our Handy Candy Tomatoes are coming out in the middle of May. We’re also highlighting our jalapeños as well as our organic sweet corn that are year-round and super sweet.”

Veg-Fresh Farms jalapeño peppers

Because convenience is all the rage these days, Veg-Fresh Farms is catering to consumer demand and bringing peel-and-reseal technology to a majority of its products, so the snacking doesn’t have to stop. And, not to mention, Veg-Fresh Farms was recently Rain Forest Alliance and Fair-Trade certified, something that is sure to catch consumers’ eyes on its Handy Candy Tomatoes packaging.

“Every one of them are resealable and most are organic too, so we are excited about all these different commodities that are coming down the pipe,” Randy says.

Veg-Fresh Farms grape tomatoes

Keep your eyes peeled for the latest from Veg-Fresh hitting retail soon!

For more on what retailers can anticipate on their shelves, stay tuned to AndNowUKnow.

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