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Vertical Foods Details Premium Citrus Supply and a Steady Market

Vertical Foods Details Premium Citrus Supply and a Steady Market

MONTEREY, CA - If you’ve got any citrus merchandising tricks up your sleeve, now is the time to pull them out. Vertical Foods, for one, is pulling out all the stops this winter as it pushes its supply of premium citrus varieties ahead of the Lunar New Year.

Casey Hollnagel, Managing Partner, Vertical Foods“Our California Citrus season runs roughly from October through May, so we’re about mid-season,” says Casey Hollnagel, Managing Partner. “During this season we are promoting Cara Caras, Ruby Red grapefruit, Blood oranges, mandarins, and our personal favorite this time of year, Stem and Leaf mandarins. We just wrapped up Satsuma and Page mandarin varieties and are packing Murcott and Tango for the remainder of the season.”

Casey tells me that the citrus market is currently steady and pricing is comparable to last year. Vertical Foods generally experiences an increase in mandarin demand as it approaches Lunar New Year, which is usually its busiest time of year.

As Lunar New Year approaches, Vertical Food is highlighting its supply of premium citrus varieties, as it looks maximize retail sales

This is the fourth year that the company is promoting its Lunar New Year Stem and Leaf Boxes. 2021 is the Year of the Ox, and Vertical Foods’ Stem and Leaf promotional cartons are available to retail partners.

“We’ve been fortunate to have optimal growing conditions so far this season as weather and quality have been ideal,” Casey explains as our discussion comes to a close. “Volume is currently steady with promotional volumes available out of our growing regions throughout Visalia and Madera, Central California.”

Be sure to connect with Vertical Foods for an abundant citrus supply this season. For more market updates across all categories, keep chugging along with us at ANUK.

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