Vidalia Onion Committee Chef Eli Kirshtein Discusses Sweet Culinary Applications

VIDALIA, GA – Sweet as can be, the Vidalia Onion Committee has been growing the profile of Vidalia onions and adding a touch of Southern flavor to dishes and produce departments across the country.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Eli Kirshtein, a Chef working with the Vidalia Onion Committee, to find out more about the exceptionally sweet onion’s culinary possibilities and unique place in culture.

Eli Kirshtein, Chef, Vidalia Onion Committee“People ask for them by name; it’s a special product. It’s a premier product in the world because it’s got its own flavor. You can’t recreate it anywhere else in the world,” Eli told me. “We take a lot of pride in it.”

From seasoning grills to accompanying entrees—sautéed, seered, or raw—Vidalias, Eli added, are a perfect culinary addition to all manner of meal. So much so that they inspire an outsized devotion from fans and culinary professionals alike.

Vidalia Onion

“In my kitchen, we don’t allow shallots or any other type of onion. We only use Vidalias by rule,” noted Eli.

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Vidalia Onion Committee

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