West Pak Avocado's Scott Ross Discusses "I Love Avocado" Marketing Campaign

AUSTIN, TX – It’s no secret that consumers go wild over avocados; from unconventional pairings, to favorite dishes, or scooped out plain with a spoon, the love of an avo fan is not to be taken lightly. It was in this exact frame of mind that West Pak Avocado launched its I Love Avocados campaign, bringing all avocado enthusiasts together in one shared interest. 

Scott Ross, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, West Pak“I Love Avocados came from the fact that we get told that by just about everybody we run into when we tell them what we do and what we sell,” Scott Ross tells me, the company’s newest Eastern Regional Sales Manager. 

Originating with the company’s high-graphic and appealing packaging, the marketing campaign has now spread to encompass a variety of configurations that West Pak offers for its retail partners. West Pak offers any size count, size, or grade of avocados based on customer need, all adorned in the memorable “I Love Avocados” packaging. 

West Pak Avocados

“We decided to develop a campaign around that [love from consumers], so we could change up the category a little bit, bring some more attention to avocados,” Scott says.

Retailers can see a further boost to the sales of their West Pak avocados with engaging and colorful point of sale materials that the company offers. All centered around one of the most fun parts of being involved with avocados, Scott assures me, hearing people say “I Love Avocados.”

From one avocado lover to the next, what else differentiates the West Pak brand? Watch my brief interview with Scott above.

West Pak Avocados


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