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West Pak's Doug Meyer Talks New Products, I Love Avocados and AvoMonsters

ORLANDO, FL - West Pak Avocado launched two new consumer brands at the well-attended PMA Fresh Summit, AvoMonsters and I Love Avocados. Doug Meyer, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, took a moment to share with me the innovative, fun new face the company is giving the popular fruit.

Doug Meyer, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, West Pak Avocado

“The 'I Love Avocados' brand is targeting the millennial shoppers, who are avid users of avocados and are very focused on learning more about where avocados come from, all the nutritional elements of avocados, and the multi-uses of avocados,” Doug explains.

As for the AvoMonsters, Doug tells me that the brand targets parents and children to boost avocado buying as a family food.

I Love Avocados Packaging

“Avocados are such a nutrient-rich fruit, we think it’s going to drive repeat sales and help our customers grow the bag category even further,” Doug says.

AvoMonsters Packaging

Hitting growing retail trends like brands for kids, millennial targeting, and bagged fruits, it will be interesting to see what this latest launch does for the company and the category. To see my full interview with Doug, watch the brief video above. 

West Pak Avocado

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