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Westfalia Fruit Marketing Showcases #Deuces Avocados for Foodservice; David Fausset Shares

MONTEREY, CA - Blemished fruit? Westfalia Fruit Marketing has found a solution that benefits everyone along the supply chain. To get the scoop, David Fausset, Director of Business Development at Westfalia, took some time to detail how the provider is using #2 avocados for its #Deuces foodservice line.

Dave Fausset, Director of Business Development, Westfalia Fruit Marketing“What we find is that there are only blemishes on the fruit; it does nothing to the internal quality of the fruit,” says David. “Exterior blemishes can be caused by certain little pests, limb rub, other types of things that basically makes the fruit not look good very for retail. But foodservice loves it because all they're doing is cutting, scooping, mashing.”

Additionally, David explains that #2 avocados, like #Deuces, are slightly less expensive on average, which makes them ideal for the restaurant level.

Westfalia Fruit Marketing is using #2 avocados for its #Deuces foodservice line

Currently, Westfalia sells avocados from several different countries and regions. Among them are California, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Colombia. The supplier is also looking at other emerging countries as places to source from.

Want to learn more? Watch our exclusive video with David above.

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