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Westfalia Fruit USA's Christina Ward Talks Plastic-Free Packaging and More

ANAHEIM, CA - How many shoppers get frustrated because they want to recycle something but don’t know where to start? Addressing this at the source, Westfalia Fruit USA has a new partner in tow.

To illuminate what this means for the industry, Christina Ward, Director of Marketing and Product Brands, gave us the details.

Christina Ward, Director of Marketing and Product Brands, Westfalia Fruit USA“Westfalia Fruit is the first to partner with CIRT, which is Can I Recycle This. It’s a QR code that is on our 100 percent plastic-free packaging that takes you to your zip code and [explains] how you can recycle or compost this bag,” she explained.

Not only is this solution sustainable, but it highlights how important taking the lead on sustainable actions is to consumers. As Christina noted, nearly 50 percent of shoppers want to see companies that align with their values.

Westfalia Fruit USA has partnered with Can I Recycle This (CIRT), featuring a QR code on its 100 percent plastic-free packaging that takes consumers to their zip code and explains how they can recycle or compost the bag

Westfalia Fruit was quite futuristic at the Global Produce & Global Show, where this interview took place. Many attendees were delighted to see a virtual reality (VR) rendition of what future avocado groves might look like in the year 2049.

“You can experience what an avocado orchard looks like in the most sustainable way,” she said. “[We’re] thinking of water usage, the climate, and the different factors that’s expected in a few years from now.”

With orchards of the future already on the docket, it’s an exciting time to be in fresh.

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