Wish Farms' Teddy Koukoulis Details the Blueberry Market

Wish Farms' Teddy Koukoulis Details the Blueberry Market

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PLANT CITY, FL - As the end of summer nears, there’s one thing that consumers won’t shy away from produce-wise, and that is the almighty blueberry. Boasting multiple health benefits alongside flavor, it’s little wonder that these mini blue delights are still leaping off retailer’s shelves. I talked to Teddy Koukoulis, Wish Farms’ Director of Blueberry Operations, to find out more about this season.

With an expected increase of 10-15 percent volume over last year, the company is currently packing Draper and Elliot varieties in both British Columbia and Michigan.

Teddy Koukoulis, Director of Blueberry Operations, Wish Farms“Overall quality has been good. Michigan experienced higher than average temperatures in July, which puts more pressure on our packing and quality control teams to ensure the highest-quality pack,” Teddy shared.

As for how retailers can continue to push blueberries, he explained that marketing them as nutrient powerhouses and full of antioxidants is key.

Wish Farms estimates an increase of 10-15 percent volume over last year

“The more we can communicate to consumers that blueberries are a healthy grocery staple, the more movement we will see. Blueberries are a convenient, no-fuss snack option. No need to peel, cut, or divide out portions. Give the berries a quick rinse under cool water and you’re ready to go. Recent Nielson Consumer Trends data shows that young, bustling, start-up families with kids 12 and under, along with senior adults 65 and above are the top buyers of fresh blueberries. That’s a wide range of ages, but it shows that blueberries are loved by all!” Teddy concluded.

Given their versatility, retailers should take advantage of this mini yet mighty fresh fruit staple. AndNowUKnow will continue to report the latest on all things produce.

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