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Wonderful Halos® Touts Quality and Sweetness in New Campaign to Kick Off Halos Season

Wonderful Halos® Touts Quality and Sweetness in New Campaign to Kick Off Halos Season

LOS ANGELES, CA - The 2020 crop of Wonderful Halos® are descending on stores, and to ensure maximum ROI, the company is welcoming the season with a new integrated marketing campaign, new stickers, and continued points of sale that retailers know and have seen succeed.

Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing, The Wonderful Company“Ninety percent of consumers say Halos mandarins are high in quality,” said Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing for The Wonderful Company. “The targeted, multifaceted campaign taps into the notion that Halos mandarins are a healthy, sweet snack both parents and kids love and trust to consistently deliver upon its sweet, seedless, and easy-to-peel brand virtues.”

The new campaign is driven by extensive consumer taste research, drawing on Halos’ consistent quality and undeniably sweet taste. The brand’s marketing plans include a regionally geo-targeted social media campaign, new point-of-sale (POS) bin bases, and a robust PR program, according to a press release. Additionally, new POS bin base displays touting Halos’ sweetness will bring the quality story to life in stores.

The Wonderful Company is bringing maximum ROI to retailers as 2020 crop of Wonderful Halos® arrive in storesThe campaign will also embrace the spike in consumer online shopping, with an e-commerce focus where the company reports its Halos outsell generic mandarin offerings by double digits. This, Wonderful points out, highlights the importance of having well-known, trusted brands available on grocery pickup and delivery sites.

Delivering consistency in both quality and sweetness, the company also assured that loyalty and trust will drive online mandarin sales, as the online experience cannot provide in-store interaction.

Wonderful’s Halos tongue-in-cheek social media campaign plays on consumer familiarity, featuring cuddly animals that are sweet, but “not as sweet as Halos!” Likewise, an exciting new collection of colorful stickers taps the family experience to make healthy eating fun, featuring the recognizable Halos mascot with trendy, shareable sayings.

The Wonderful Company is rolling out a new campaign that is driven by extensive consumer taste and Halos’ consistent quality and undeniably sweet tasteFinally, Halos will continue its Grove of Goodness POS display program, now in its fourth year. This successful strategy highlights the fun and eye-catching Halos Grove Tree and Fruit Stand, with displays reportedly driving velocities 18 percent faster than product featured without a display.

Retailers, the brand ensures you can tap more than 200 merchandisers to help strategize POS placement in stores again this season. With California Halos running November through May, how’s that for variety?

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