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Wonderful® Pistachios Continues Get Crackin' Campaign With PAC-MAN Commercial

Wonderful® Pistachios Continues Get Crackin' Campaign With PAC-MAN Commercial

LOS ANGELES, CA - It is once again time to Get Crackin’! Wonderful® Pistachios has been bringing this creative campaign to life with a selection of creative commercials and strategies, and the latest one has arrived.

The newest addition to the Get Crackin’ campaign is a commercial featuring everyone’s favorite ghost-champing arcade icon. That’s right—PAC-MAN is munching on a maze of Wonderful Pistachios classic Roasted & Salted variety showing just how “PAC-MAN does it like a snack man.”

This commercial spot complements several other installations of the campaign, which have included Humpty Dumpty, the Universe, competitive eater Joey Chestnut, and a robot named Spot from Boston Dynamics.

As a press release explained, Wonderful’s Get Crackin’ ad campaigns have become a barometer for social media and internet trends over the past decade, bringing irreverent humor in a series of commercials and encouraging TikTok users to #GetCrackin. The campaign also set out to set world records at the “Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin’ Eating Championship.”

As this innovative campaign continues to lure consumers to the beloved pistachio brand, ANUK will be here to report on the latest.

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