Zespri Announces Campaign for its Newest Variety, SunGold

Zespri Announces Campaign for its Newest Variety, SunGold

NEW YORK, NY - Zespri has announced it's launching its 2015 North America season. This year, Zespri will be focusing a new campaign, primarily on its newest proprietary variety, SunGold, which is being produced and sold in greater volumes than ever.

Michele Hoard, Senior Marketing Manager, Zespri North America“We are ramping up a multi-media campaign in various markets around the country starting the week of 22 June,” says Senior Marketing Manager of Zespri North America, Michele Hoard. “Zespri will also be promoting the convenience of eating kiwifruit (with Zespri’s cut-and-scoop method), as well as the great taste of the different varieties and the myriad health properties of Zespri Kiwifruit.”

Zespri’s SunGold Kiwifruit is larger than average, with a delicate texture inside a smooth skin. Ranking high in sensory testing, SunGold appeals to established fans of both Zespri's Gold and Green Kiwifruit. The company says this golden-fleshed new variety has a refreshing, sweet taste with a hint of tanginess, as well as a daily dose of Vitamin C. 

The new national campaign will be focused on regional television spots and customized programs. According to a press release, Zespri will implement a well-rounded campaign with sampling and customized point of sales marketing. Zespri will also be leveraging its social media accounts.

Hoard included that she is looking forward to long and successful season for Zespri.


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